Internet Business Strategy

AminiSoft knows what it takes to be an online success.

AminiSoft has over 10 years of experience from hundreds of web application projects — AminiSoft knows what it takes to be a success and can help you from the discovery to implementation.

Market and Audience Analysis

This process with AminiSoft's online business strategy experts will help to establish your demographic and target audience.
  • Research and analysis of your target, primary and secondary audience or clients
  • Provide a report for market strategy and planning

E-business Strategy and Planning

Following AminiSoft's comprehensive market analysis and e-business discovery process, AminiSoft's online business strategy experts will work with you to establish a custom plan and marketing strategy for your web application project.

AminiSoft's process also includes planning an e-business roadmap for brand development or brand enhancement, and marketing of your business or project.

  • Strategic e-business marketing roadmap and direction
  • Planning the execution of the available marketing and advertising methods
  • Strategic e-business brand development

E-business Market Scope

AminiSoft applies this process to identify key players, your audience or clients, your e-business life span, available opportunities, and your best practices and approach in the marketplace.

AminiSoft's e-business Market Scope will help you plan your marketing execution and approach in the marketplace and respond or evolve based on the changes in the technology landscape.

  • Identify your market landscape and plan your approach
  • Identify Internet opportunities, risks and changes and plan to change with technology
  • Create a plan of attack in response to your competitor's actions and advances



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