All About Email Services

Recommendations and Important Considerations

by Mike

Email service is a monthly service for hosting and serving your email accounts on the Internet. This service is usually combined with DNS and Website hosting services.

One important thing to consider is that Email Services require a considerable amount of monitoring, maintenance and upkeep in order to manage today's Internet security requirements, fighting spam, scams and intruders.

AminiSoft recommends GMail over any other email service. Gmail, which is owned by Google, does a very good job of filtering spam.

Of course, Google is a large company with many resources. They have devoted a considerable amount of resources and capital to their Gmail technology.

Some people have the perception that you cannot get email accounts such as using Google's GMail. That is not true. Google has both the Standard Edition (free email service) and the Premier Edition ($50 per year, per user) email services for your domain; they are both part of Google Apps services. You can sign up for either of the services at the following link:

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