What You Need to Know to Host a Website, Email and More

Information on Domain Names, DNS, and Web Hosting

by Mike

I'm sure you have heard about website hosting, DNS, and email servers; but you may not know the difference between different hosting companies or the difference between shared hosting and managed hosting. You also may not know the steps needed to make your website live for the public.

The following articles have step-by-step instructions and useful information about domain names, web hosting and email services:

All About Domain Name Registeration
Important Information about registering your domain.

All About Domain Name System and DNS Servers
Technical and knowledgebase information about what is DNS? What is a host name?

All About Website Hosting - Shared Hosting vs Managed Hosting
- Important Information about hosting your website
- Which hosting company can handle your site's growth and traffic
- Shared Hosting vs Managed Hosting

All About Email Services
- All About Email Services
- Best Email Service Provider

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